What We Do

The Ripple Effect is about people. And it is about every day people, not just one or two. Our “strategy” is about focusing on an individual’s growth in Christ. Challenging each person to live his or her faith in a relevant way, whether the context is marketplace or family. Notice that the focus of all of that is about the individual, the person, you.

That sounds great, you’re thinking. But how do you actually do that? How does it actually work?

Well, it is really very simple, because what we’ve found over the years is that “simple” works. And we found an example of what to do in the Bible.

And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers. - Acts 2:42

Note the key three words up front: “they continued steadfastly”. That’s what The Ripple Effect is all about…getting together to continue in Christ with steadfastness, a good old fashioned word that means “standing fast or firm”. But standing fast in what? Well, here are the four things Acts 2:42 says.

  1. As a group we present the Truth as revealed in the Scriptures. When the first Christians began to cope with “life after Jesus”, that is after Jesus was no longer physically there to lead them, they met together as a group, regularly, to “continue” in His teachings and principles. The emphasis is on the practicality of the scriptures for daily living, especially in our business and family routines.
  2. We share meals together, thereby facilitating a sense of community. There is something about “the breaking of bread” together that enables people to get to know one another, to enable conversation, to create a sense of “I’m not in this alone”. So the meetings are based around a meal. It serves to keep the focus off “a presenter” or “a leader” and creates a shared sense of fellowship.
  3. We encourage partner relationships where discussion, honesty and dignity are esteemed. The hallmark of growth is honesty. If you aren’t being honest, with yourself and others, you probably aren’t going forward. You’re probably going backward. So this “fellowship” thing is really important. And what everyone finds is that when all are honest, all are treated with dignity and valued for their piece.
  4. We pray, corporately and individually, sometimes sober, sometimes fervent, but always sincere. Because without prayer, all we have are good intentions. Prayer clarifies, solidifies, and emboldens each of us to live as we ought to live, be the person we are meant to be.

And one other thing, if you haven’t figured this out yet: this is all about “team”. This is not about a leader or a guru or a celebrity. Our meetings are facilitated by a team. And that team grows as the people at the meetings grow. Take another look at Acts 2:42. Note that everything is plural. “Team” is everything. And that’s what it takes for The Ripple Effect to be successful, a team. If The Ripple Effect is to truly be a ripple effect, it will spawn teams that will help others in other towns and cities build the kind of fellowship that grows every member into the person they are uniquely able to be.